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Creative Solutions

Innovativeness and Inventiveness have been the lifeblood of SGB. By adhering to the principle of being a part of the solution not part of the problem, SGB has been responsible for departing from routine conformity to a refreshing creativity within its scope of business. For example, the "Cuplok System Scaffolding", now an international norm, was invented in South Africa by SGB. The "Kwickstage" system Scaffold was adapted by SGB for access use in South Africa and the company also pioneered the introduction of non-tilt hook-on steel boards, vertical ladders and trapdoors, system braces, unit beams and seating equipment.

Concert Stage

The introduction of the Satellite Electric System proved to be an excellent solution where conventional scaffolding is unsuitable. A single mast, combining a heavy duty access platform with a payload capability in excess of 4000kg and an operating ceiling in excess of 100m ensures productive and rapid distribution of men and equipment.

SGB's temporary roof for shows and entertainment stages allow for the suspension of up to 8000kg of lighting equipment. The installation is performed at ground safety level and the roof is raised and tilted to any required angle. Scaffolding is used to support the roof and integrate all audio equipment.

All scaffolding supplied by SGB is structurally sound and safe and the diversity of the company's scope of service is one of their underlying strengths.